Caption Contest

Previous Winning Captions

October 2005 Winner is:
Joe from Philly

"Do you believe all I said was I bought this place and I', going to keep it open...."

And the Runner's Up are:

Honey, I hope you get your promotion after this! - Mike

He is much cuter when he is awake! - Lisa

I always get lucky when my eyes match my shirt! - Rob

Guess where my hand is ?????????? Answer in 2007!!!!!!! - Tom

August 2005 Winner is:
Murph from Philadelphia

"Now will you marry me?"

And the Runner's Up are:

Yeah, I'm in charge of security here. - MaryEllen

Sobriety Test....Moores version - Allen

Security Guard at Moores - Sherry

Practicing my runway walk, couldn't find any books in this place. - Carl

July-August 2005 Winner is:
Stan The Man from Wilmington

"Please divorce me........No!"

And the Runner's Up are:

No Tarzan, this is not how to pick up a girl! - Marylouise

Now listen I AM taking you home. - Bob

Can you get IT up? - Not me up! - Barb

June 2005 Winner is:
John T from Westchester

"Let's see...I made the one in red smile with my right hand... "

And the Runner's Up are:

Hey, it's my turn! - Billy

Hell with the horse and the cowboy, Ride the Cowgirl! - Margie

Excuse me could you help me back on the stool? - Bob

Penny a smack...Dollar a grab! - Anna

April 2005 Part II Winner is:
Runners' Up Continued


And the Runner's Up are:

Queer eye for a straight guy at Moores - Bob

Demi Moore leaves Ashton for Al - Mike

Is everyone touching? - Nancy

April 2005 Winner is:
Bob from Philadelphia

"Demi Moore, Bud Abbott, Kid Rock, and Elton John live at Moores this Summer!"

And the Runner's Up are:

Elvira and the three gay stooges.(not that there is anything wrong with that) - Jeanne

MOORES - where porn stars come to meet real men! - Pat

Al, you gotta wear longer shorts. - Bob

Next, on the

Winter 2005 Winner is:
Melanie from Jenkintown

"Found myself a real Moores guy - stiff as a board and full of hot air!"

And the Runner's Up are:

Hey Mom, I found a guy who doesn't drink! - Rhonda

What happens in Moores...stays in Moores! - John

The perfect man...Full of hot air yet he can't talk back - Gregory

Guy on the right - I knew I should have grown a mustache! - Rich

December 2004 Winner is:
Donna from Philadelphia

"Gonna find me a REAL man!"

And the Runner's Up are:

Did anybody see my rifle? - Tom

Moores - the best place in town for a girl to get a good cigar and a cold beer! - Barbara

Ain't there any women in this joint? - Bobby

Ooooh....lucky cigar! - Ronnie

October 2004 Winner is:
Mike from Philadelphia

"A Moores customer getting ready to fart!"

And the Runner's Up are:

Perfect, I can drink, sleep, and puke! - Ronnie

Aaah...that one felt really good! - Big Bad John

Who said you can't drink while you're sleeping? - Annemarie

Please God! Help me make it through this and I'll never drink again!! - Tom

September 2004 Winner is:
Chuck from Philadelphia

"Hey guys, I found us a waitress from the service bar!"

And the Runner's Up are:

But he told me that I would hear the ocean! - Butch

Hi Mom, I think she's the one! - Patti

I told you guys you should have bought her a beer! - Jim

She's keeping an eye on my money! - Margie

July 2004 Winner is:
Mike from Philadelphia

"Wow what do you do if I buy you a mixed drink?"

And the Runner's Up are:

That's right boys!! She's all mine and she cooks too!! - Tom

I'm giving this a thumbs up. - Alex

I just can't get enough of ZZ Top. - Rhonda

Hmmmm....I wonder if only his thumb goes up. - MaryJane

May 2004 Winner is:
Michael from Philadelphia

"Try to guess where my hand is!"

And the Runner's Up are:

Take that you stupid bartender. - Andrea

Is it long enough Dr. Bilbee? - Rhonda

What do you know, I think it's going to fit. - Jack

April 2004 Winner is:
Rich from Wilmington

"Let me I have a date?"

And the Runner's Up are:

I'm thinking of a number Ummmmmmm, between 1 and 2 - Linda

What the hell is the name of that song Bilbee's playing? - Sharon

Where the hell am I? - Lily

Bar hopping in my sleep! - Ernie

March 2004 Winner is:
Susan from Elkins Park

"I know, I know...but that's why it's called a job!!"

And the Runner's Up are:

Hey Bill, need an intern? - Anna May

She's always practicing! - Dan M.

Give Mommy the bottle - RhondaApril 2004

Rich from Wilmington

January 2004 Winner is:
Steve from Philadelphia

"Oh crap, I forgot his name!"

And the Runner's Up are:

French Canadian, eh? - Sue

At Moores you don't thumb wrestle, you tongue wrestle! - Ray

Looks like my wife stopped at Moores again! - Tom

November 2003 Winner is:
Kim from Philadelphia

"No more pole dancing!"

And the Runner's Up are:

Great way to scratch your ear! - Meg

Stop it, it tickles! - Stumpy

I found the one who didn't pay the cover - J.J.

Fall 2003 Winner is:
Rita from Philadelphia

"He thinks I'm impressed!"

And the Runner's Up are:

They said this was a respectable establishment! - Barbara

This is why I come to Moores! - Ron

Honey, What do you think about me piercing my tongue? - Roseanne

September 2003 Winner is:
Charlie from North Babylon, NY

"Boy! That Charlie Gracie just knocks me out."

And the Runner's Up are:

Nobody wants to leave Moores Inlet! - Mary

Wake me up when Bilbee starts!! - Tom

MOORE'S MOTEL: will you be needing a wake-up call, sir? - Siobhan

July 2003 Winner is:
Tom from Sicklerville

"Me take woman to Moore's now!! Me take woman to cave later!!"

And the Runner's Up are:

Me want THIS ONE!!! - Mima

Boy they sure give out great door prizes at Moores! - Ed

Just think what the baby will look like - Eileen

June 2003 Winner is:
Georgia from Philadelphia

"Oh My God, I just Stopped for Directions..."

And the Runner's Up are:

Hurray...It's Ladies Nite - Richard

Hurry and take the picture before my wife gets out of the bathroom! - Maryellen


April 2003 Winner is:
Tom from Sicklerville


And the Runner's Up are:

This looks like it might belong to you. - Kevin

Hey Lady, I said PEANUTS not PENIS! - Sharyn

You obviously don't know the meaning of , KEEP IT IN YOUR PANTS! - Kathy

March 2003 Winner is:
Jane from Philadelphia


And the Runner's Up are:

Guy in white T-shirt - For the love of God, don't pull her finger! - Gary

Should I or shouldn't I? - Dottie

Your choice - Light Beer or Nice REAR - Tom

January 2003 Winner is:
Frank from Philadelphia

"All I said was, Do you want to dance?"

And the Runner's Up are:

Don't blame this on me! - Rose

Can't touch this! - Kelly

Put my right hand where? - Dan

December 2002 Winner is:
Kathy from Egg Harbor, NJ

"All I said to the bartender was, get me a beer and a stool, and make it quick!"

And the Runner's Up are:

Another packed night at Moores..this is the only way you can keep your seat in this place - Sal Bauman

I'm not losing my seat this time! - Stanley Somershoe

Another crazy night at Moores - but they ran out of lampshades. - Tom Kinee

Fall 2002 Winner is:
John from Sicklerville

"WOW! I asked for a cherry for my drink...Didn't think I would get this service!"

And the Runner's Up are:

The new event at Moores Inlet - Tongue Wrestling - Evelyn

Tongue Tied at Moores - Rose

Well you said - Do I still have my cherry? - Anne

Sept. 2002 No. 2 Winner is:
Audrey from Vorhees

"Yeeowww....I think I just saw The Incredible Shrunken Chicken Head!"

And the Runner's Up are:

Point that thing this way....Stop! - Maureen

Is it a nightmare or is it Ladies Night at Moores? - Chas like I'm going to be the next Mrs. Lucky! - Jerri

September 2002 No. 1 Winner is:
Jerri from Ardmore

"Hanging on to your man Moores style!"

And the Runner's Up are:

All I said was, get a little closer - I can't hear you. - Suzanne

Joined at the BREAST - Kelly

I'm sorry Miss but I couldn't find your knockers, so I just popped in. - Melissa

August 2002 Winner is:
Michael from Ocean City, NJ

"Let's hear it for the winners of the Electric Slide marathon!"

And the Runner's Up are:

We have a tie for the Budweiser Beer Blast. - Claude

Bless you my children now you may sin. - Carol

Rookies - back to the college program with you. - John

July 2002 Winner is:
Marc from Ocean City

"Only at Moores can you bring an inflatable date to a bar and have no one think twice."

And the Runner's Up are:

Is there a justice of the peace in the house? - Serena

Look Ma! I found Mr. Right!!! - Laura

After 20 Budweisers anything will do. - Linda

May 2002 Winner is:
H. Sullivan from Philadelphia

"If this is what - the end is near - means, it's better than I thought!"

And the Runner's Up are:

Who needs the view of the ocean when I've got this one at Moores? - M. Pakech

Yeah, I think that noise is coming out of this one. - S.Turner

Looks like my Christmas Goose is coming early this year. - J. Rowan

April 2002 Winner is:
Joe from West Chester

"I usually don't do this on the first date."

And the Runner's Up are:

Your keys aren't under the bar! - Bill

Are you sure this will help me get rid of the hiccups!!! - John


March 2002 Winner is:
Bill from Woodbury


And the Runner's Up are:

Hi Honey! Another late night at the office! Don't wait up for me! - Nicole

Is it hard to hear with my tongue in your ear? - Pat

I don't think this is our room honey. - Mike

February 2002 Winner is:
Lisa from Philadelphia


And the Runner's Up are:

This is not Delilah's Den, honey, save your dollars for Marty. - Colleen

OK Let's try this again. How many fingers do I have up? - Mike

If I told you once, I told you a hundred times, you can look but you can't touch the merchandise! - Sal

December 2001 Winner is:
Mike from Philadelphia

"My God Bilbee, you've changed!"

And the Runner's Up are:


September 2001 Winner is:
Wayne from Secane PA

"My Mother Told Me This Might Happen"

And the Runner's Up are:

Finally a good use for this hole in my head - Scott

Could I Be Any Cooler - John

Let us all rise to sing the first stanza of 99 glasses of beer on my head - Kristina

August 2001 Winner is:
Pat from Maple Shade

"I don't know what happened... all I said was bottoms up!"

And the Runner's Up are:

They're all so nice. - how do I choose? - Cookie

Always standing room at Moores! - Kathy

So many arses, so little time - April

July 2001 Winner is:
Christine & Debbie from Philadelphia

"Cover charge to get into Moores...$3.00
Round of drinks for all your friends...$20.00
Unbuckling the singers pants as the bar looks on...PRICELESS - Christine

Hmmmmmmmmm, Let's see, what do we got in here - Debbie"

And the Runner's Up are:

Ma'am, that's not the microphone. - Michelle

Hmm, let me have a look. - Kelly

Yo!!!..Hurry up before I drop the roof!!! - Dan

June 2001 Winner is:
Richie from Philadelphia

"Look Honey I shaved!"

And the Runner's Up are:

Wet t-shirt contest anyone? He looks like he's got some big ones - Stephanie

Service with a smile...Moores Style. - Thomas

When I said "Keep pouring it on" I didn't mean ... - Gregory

May 2001 Winner is:
Diane from Philadelphia PA
Wayne from Secane PA

"I dub thee Bilbee-ettes - Diane
Where is the nearest airport? This baby needs to come in for a landing - Wayne"

And the Runner's Up are:

Six Pack to go ... - Harvey

Look Ma, No Brains - Lynn

I think I will be a good caption. - Tina

April 2001 Winner is:
Gregory from King of Prussia

"Beer nuts..., Ladies, that is kind of a personal question, isn't it"

And the Runner's Up are:

March 2001 Winner is:
Linda from Wildwood NJ

"Curly, Moe, - Hey Where's Larry"

And the Runner's Up are: