History of Moores Inlet

One spring day in the year 1912 Robert Moore, the patriarch of the Moore family, arrived from South Philadelphia and decided he would open a tavern in North Wildwood. He found an abandoned building, located next to the ocean, at the corner of Spruce Street and Old New Jersey Avenue. Due to its location, adjacent to the channel of water that led to the Atlantic Ocean, he named his place of business "Moores Inlet".
Four years passed and the business began to flourish; he encouraged his son, Robert "Bob" Moore to move to the area and become involved in running the new family business. Moores Inlet changed hands, within the family, in 1938; at this time "Bob" Moores two sons David Moore and Robert "Bud" Moore took charge of the operation. Moores Inlet became a thriving hotel, restaurant and popular nightspot noted for hosting famous acts and major floor shows.
One cold and bitter winter night in January of 1957 a fire broke out, as a result of faulty electrical wiring, and Moores Inlet burned to the ground. The Moore family now made a momentous decision; to rebuild Moores Inlet, and to do it as quickly as possible. The bar was rebuilt and reopened during the summer of 1957.

During Prohibition Moores Inlet was a hotel and restaurant. The clam boats currently docked in Cape May used to dock adjacent to Moores and the clammers stayed in Moores Hotel while Mrs. Moore did all the cooking and cleaning. At the height of Prohibition a mother ship would travel to England and Russia to pick up hundreds of cases of liquor. When the ship returned it would anchor off shore and small boats would go out to the vessel and unload the liquor to carry it ashore...and to Moores. When the Coast Guard chased the "rumrunners" through the inlet, they would toss their liquor and champagne onto a sandbar, where it was forever buried. This sandbar, affectionately nicknamed "Champagne Island" lies in the ocean directly in front of Moores.

Mother Nature changed the shoreline over the years, the water receded and where the boats had once docked now became "Moores Beach". Years later, the ocean returned with a vengeance and the state decided to install a bulkhead between the ocean and Moores Inlet, thus enabling the existing property to be saved and function as the Moores Inlet we now know and love.


Moores has always been, and still is, synonymous with "always having a great time".

Although changes have been made over the years, the most dramatic were made in the late 70's, when the Patio deck was enlarged and two new bars were added; then again in 1989 when a full service restaurant was built adjacent to Moores Inlet.

These changes have enabled Moores to grow and change with the times, yet still retain its relaxed and friendly atmosphere.

Traditions flourish as generations of families continuously come back to Moores to reminisce, to converse with old friends, and to make new acquaintances. Moores Inlet provides an atmosphere where all generations still meet and feel welcome.

Moores Inlet is a staple of the community and stands proud with its history of 88 years of continued business. Patrons who remember the "good old days" still come into the bar as new generations pass through the walls of the establishment creating more history for the crowds that are yet to come.